Photon Props


Lyco Katana



The Lyco Katana comes with a hollow center and slightly restricted tip, to allow lycopodium powder to spill out with each swing, adding a large ‘dragon breathe’ effect to your performance.  

Similar to the fire katana but without a sheath or pressing to the frame in order to allow an easy way to load lyco powder.


  • Hollow inner tubing
  • Traditional style handle
  • Traditional style guard
  • Hand stitched Kevlar blade section
  • 650mm wicked blade section
  • 260mm long handle
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Safety Disclaimer:

Photon Props fire equipment can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly. Only trained or experienced individuals should use this equipment. It is important to follow all safety guidelines, including but not limited to wearing appropriate safety gear/non flammable clothing, having a safety spotter handy provided with extinguisher and wet towel and/or fire blanket and using the equipment in a safe and controlled environment.

The use of our fire performance equipment is at your own risk, neither the manufacturer nor the seller can be held liable for any injuries or damages that may occur as a result of improper use. Always use caution and take necessary precautions when working with our fire performance equipment.

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