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Fire Fans

With new and improved design both frame and grip have been upgraded.

We have put much time and resources into bring this new and improved product to the scene now finally tested over months of burning, dropping, throwing and general abuse to find its limitations. We are finally happy with testing and are ready to release into the world.

Grips have been designed from recycled HDPE plastic and cut, cleaned and fitted in house here at Photon fitted along with a frame using marine grade alloy to bring you corrosion and rust proof fans that are both just as strong as our previous designs but 40g lighter per fan compared to our previous stainless steel designs in the past.

Partner that with head resistant coated spokes and you have yourself a lovely performance fire tech fan.


  • Recycled HDPE Eclipse tech grip
  • Marine Grade alloy frame
  • Heat resistant coated spokes
  • Light weight
  • 40mm x 35mm wicks

Safety Disclaimer:

Photon Props fire equipment can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly. Only trained or experienced individuals should use this equipment. It is important to follow all safety guidelines, including but not limited to wearing appropriate safety gear/non flammable clothing, having a safety spotter handy provided with extinguisher and wet towel and/or fire blanket and using the equipment in a safe and controlled environment.

The use of our fire performance equipment is at your own risk, neither the manufacturer nor the seller can be held liable for any injuries or damages that may occur as a result of improper use. Always use caution and take necessary precautions when working with our fire performance equipment.

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